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What is a staple dataset?

Staple datasets contain de-identified data elements that allow requestors to do analysis for the purposes specified below. Requestor must carry out the analysis using the staple dataset in NRDO, and aggregate data will be released. Cancer, Stroke, Renal  and AMI staple datasets are available for request at the moment.

View the list of Cancer variables in the Code Table for Cancer Staple Dataset.
View the list of Stroke variables in the Code Table for Stroke Staple Dataset.
View the list of Renal variables in the Code Table for Renal Staple Dataset.
View the list of AMI variables in the Code Table for AMI Staple Dataset

Who can request for access to the staple dataset?

Requestors may request for access to the staple dataset if their purposes fall within these 4 categories:

    1. Health Policy Formulation

    2. National Disease Management Plans

    3. Healthcare Services and Programme Planning

    4. Public Health Research*

*Please include a copy of your IRB approval letter if applicable.

If your purpose of use or data requirements does not allow you to use the staple dataset, please click here for the procedure on submitting a normal data request.

For any clarifications or assistance, please email HPB_SERVICENRDO@hpb.gov.sg.

What are the advantages of using a staple dataset?

Staple dataset allows requestors to explore the data and obtain information that meets their needs. It has a significantly shorter turnaround time (approval may be given in 3 working days) as compared with the normal data request since the dataset is readily available.

What is the procedure for requesting access to the staple dataset?

  1. Fill in the Staple Dataset Request Form. If there are multiple analysts working on the same project, all analysts will be required to fill in and sign the request form. For your request to be accepted, please note that the purposes of use should fall within the above categories.You may send an email to HPB_SERVICENRDO@hpb.gov.sg to request for Staple Dataset Request form.

  2. Scan the signed form and email to HPB_SERVICENRDO@hpb.gov.sg.

  3. The NRDO Quality Assurance team will advise you accordingly on additional procedures specific to your request if necessary.

  4. NRDO will vet the form.    

  5. We will inform you when vetting is completed and the data request is accepted. You may email the QA team to book an appointment to access the staple dataset thereafter.