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Data request process

There are five key steps in the data request process:

1. Submit a Data Enquiry Email
You should submit a data enquiry email if you need any help or clarification about your data request.

2. Complete a  Data Request Form
Healthcare professionals or researchers who want to access data must complete and submit a data request form. You may send an email to HPB_SERVICENRDO@hpb.gov.sg to request for data request form. For information on who can request data, please read our FAQ.

3. Finalisation of requirements
We will work closely with requestors to ensure that we understand the nature of your request, advise you on the availability of the data, and confirm the final details of your data request.

4. Evaluation of request
All data requests will be are subjected to evaluation prior to approval from relevant authorities. This is to ensure data is used appropriately.

5. Data release
We will begin processing the data request after approval. We will checked and ensure that the data released meets your requirements.

Requesting different types of data

Requests for aggregate data

Aggregate data is statistics that have been processed in a summary or table form, for example, incidence numbers and rates. It could be taken from our published reports. Do check these reports before submitting a request for aggregated data.

Requests for non-identifiable and key-coded data

Non-identifiable and key-coded data are individual, record-level data with no data that could identify the person which the record refers to. Key-coded data contain surrogate identifiers, whereas non-identifiable data doesn’t. Surrogate identifiers are useful to determine if there are multiple episodes for the same records.

For non-identifiable or key-coded data requests, you must analyse the data in the NRDO office, and will only be given the output as aggregate data. Data will not be released in record level format.

Requestors may request for data variables using the following lists. Please tick the checkboxes and provide justifications accordingly. All requests will be subjected to approval.

Variables available for Data Requests - AMI Registry
Variables available for Data Requests - Cancer Registry
Variables available for Data Requests - Renal Registry
Variables available for Data Requests - Stroke Registry

You will not be able to request variables which may be identified, such as:

• date of birth
• diagnosis date
• admission date

However, partial dates may be given accordingly. 

You will be required to sign the declaration stating you will follow the conditions in the form.

Request for death information

You will need to agree to the terms and conditions in the Release of Death Data Form before we can release death information, such as date and cause of death. This form will be provided by NRDO when needed.

Submitting a data request form

You should send a Data Request Form to the NRDO either:
• electronically
• by hand
• by post

Please send it to:
National Registry of Diseases Office
Health Promotion Board
3 Second Hospital Avenue
Level 5
Singapore 168937

Or email it to: HPB_SERVICENRDO@hpb.gov.sg

If you need the data for research purposes, please also submit a copy of the Institution Review Board (IRB) approval letter.

You must sign the declaration section in the data request form (Part 4: Declaration and Undertaking) to indicate your acceptance of the terms and conditions. You should also gain approval from your Head of Department before submitting the form to us.

We reserve the right to reject any incomplete request form required. See below for the forms required: 
• Data Request Form
• Release of Death Data Form (provided by NRDO only if death data is required)
• Declaration Form For Third Party Analysts (provided by NRDO only if third party is involved in doing the analysis) 

Data request processing time

We will start processing your data request as soon as we receive the completed form and necessary documents, and have confirmed your requirements. 
the duration taken to process your request time will depend on the nature of the data request. A simple aggregate data request will take about 3 weeks, while more complex requests may take up to 8 weeks.

Media enquiries

If you are making a data request for media purposes, such as a newspaper or magazine article, you should email: moh_media@moh.gov.sg.